Obama will win on Tuesday with close to 300 electoral college votes and close to 51% of the popular vote.

And if any of you white folks out there vote for that 
ultra-white and ultra-uptight goober boob infomercial 
car salesman Osmond-Family-Lover Dude--: 
Romney, THIS TIME around, then, there will 
be NO DOUBT that you are a total racist!! 
And you know it!!

First time, Obama was running against a war hero--: McCain. And Obama's name alone and his sketchy background was scary as hell to a lot of people at that time. Including Me. I wanted Hillary to get the nomination. Not Obama. 

So I could understand (back then) why a lot of white folks (especially) would of been leery (back then) about Obama. 

But this time, there is just NO EXCUSE to vote for someone like that total tooty fruity white toast infomercial car salesman host and all-around SEVERELY two-faced toothpaste fraud 'Mitty' over a well-known and 
relatively consistent current President like 
Barack Obama!!

Obama killed away any reasonable person's fears about his loyalty to this great country, when he killed that asshole Osama all-while doing all he can to help our great military not get stuck wasting lives and energies and money we don't have to spare, in a bunch of unnecessary and fruitless wars around the globe, like the current crop of Republicans still seem to be WAY into doing, yet again, and, again, and, AGAIN!!


This time around it's not a war-hero like McCain running against an unknown guy with a name that rhymes with Osama and has Hussein for a middle name.

THIS TIME--: President Barack Obama is the American War Hero, as our first President to finally smash//snuff Osama's
lights out, once and for all. 
So, then, NOW, it would be REALLY dumb of you to try to put yet another ultra-white and ultra-uptight goober boob like Romney in there, NOW. At this moment in time. That is seriously going back in time in the worst Mega-Giga-Goober-Boob way possible. To the Bushy yesteryears 
of simple-minded tax cuts for the rich and severely
overplayed and insincere propaganda-fed terror fears 
that just go on and on and on with neverending, 
life-draining wars around the globe that are 
never resolved.

It would be unequivocally retarded
to go back to all of that nonsense. 

Seriously, it would be.

So, you have only one option left, for the rest of your lives, to prove once and for all, that you're not a closet racist, White Americans--: Vote for Obama, for a second term.
And don't even think about voting for someone as silly and Ultra-Toothpaste-White and Clenched-Cheeks-Uptight and Untruthfully Deceiving as someone
like Romney!!

Chafey (A.K.A. David)



Cheryl Bailey
11/05/2012 6:41am

Mitty Romney's waffling on so much about so many things is what is scary about this election. So I hope you're right about Tuesday's results. I liked some of your songs too. But I could have done without all the bare butts shaking at me. :)

Cheryl B.


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