Obama will win on Tuesday with close to 300 electoral college votes and close to 51% of the popular vote.

And if any of you white folks out there vote for that 
ultra-white and ultra-uptight goober boob infomercial 
car salesman Osmond-Family-Lover Dude--: 
Romney, THIS TIME around, then, there will 
be NO DOUBT that you are a total racist!! 
And you know it!!

First time, Obama was running against a war hero--: McCain. And Obama's name alone and his sketchy background was scary as hell to a lot of people at that time. Including Me. I wanted Hillary to get the nomination. Not Obama. 

So I could understand (back then) why a lot of white folks (especially) would of been leery (back then) about Obama. 

But this time, there is just NO EXCUSE to vote for someone like that total tooty fruity white toast infomercial car salesman host and all-around SEVERELY two-faced toothpaste fraud 'Mitty' over a well-known and 
relatively consistent current President like 
Barack Obama!!

Obama killed away any reasonable person's fears about his loyalty to this great country, when he killed that asshole Osama all-while doing all he can to help our great military not get stuck wasting lives and energies and money we don't have to spare, in a bunch of unnecessary and fruitless wars around the globe, like the current crop of Republicans still seem to be WAY into doing, yet again, and, again, and, AGAIN!!


This time around it's not a war-hero like McCain running against an unknown guy with a name that rhymes with Osama and has Hussein for a middle name.

THIS TIME--: President Barack Obama is the American War Hero, as our first President to finally smash//snuff Osama's
lights out, once and for all. 
So, then, NOW, it would be REALLY dumb of you to try to put yet another ultra-white and ultra-uptight goober boob like Romney in there, NOW. At this moment in time. That is seriously going back in time in the worst Mega-Giga-Goober-Boob way possible. To the Bushy yesteryears 
of simple-minded tax cuts for the rich and severely
overplayed and insincere propaganda-fed terror fears 
that just go on and on and on with neverending, 
life-draining wars around the globe that are 
never resolved.

It would be unequivocally retarded
to go back to all of that nonsense. 

Seriously, it would be.

So, you have only one option left, for the rest of your lives, to prove once and for all, that you're not a closet racist, White Americans--: Vote for Obama, for a second term.
And don't even think about voting for someone as silly and Ultra-Toothpaste-White and Clenched-Cheeks-Uptight and Untruthfully Deceiving as someone
like Romney!!

Chafey (A.K.A. David)


'BoyCott The Fu-Fuck Out Of FuBar.Com!!' by Chafey Narquois Barbeau 02/23/2012

Scrapper Lived Up To His Severely Bad Reputation And Deleted My Account Without Any Warning Whatsoever (After Two Months Of Me Providing Entertainment On That Site)!!  Feel Free To Contact Me For All The ScreenShots And Details, Etc.!! Fuck Him And That Site!! I Had A Bunch Of Those V.I.P. Paying Members There Who Had Become My Friends And//Or Fans Over The Last Two Months!!
He Showed No Respect For Me Or Them!! Period.

He Is Exactly The AssWipe FuckWad That People Say He Is. Google It And You Will See. He Didn't Even Have The Balls To Call My Number To Talk It Over And Work It Out!! He Is Scum And That Site Should Be Shut Down!! Double Period..

Fuck Him And That Fu-Mafia BullShit!! They Try To Pretend Like They're All Cool With That Pretend Mafia Crap, But He Is Just A Sniveling Little Conniving Wienie Who Wouldn't Last A Fucking Day In The Real Mafia!! LOL!! Fucking Uber Goober Boob
Pussy Ass Cat Donkey DickWad!!

Update--: A bunch of folks wanted to know some of the specifics, so I'll just go into the gist of it here, as to how and when and why they just deleted My account with no warning whatsoever--: Scrapper's (A.K.A. The UnCool Creep--: Ryan's) only stated reason to Me was that I had a 'Band' account and 'Personal' account along with My making comments in the Battle comments section that he didn't like or agree with (comments that were censored//deleted by him, anyway, by the way); So, he was very unconvincingly saying that was some kind of a "serious" conflict of interests issue to make mildly critical comments while having a Personal page and a Band page (Even  though  I just recently started that Band page, and I just didn't want to delete all of My gathered Friends and Fans and My Points and Bling, Etc., Etc.; I just wanted to see if I could somehow transfer all of that to My 'Band' page, so I could start competing in the Battle contests, because, I noticed that so many of the bands are very sucky, and, I thought, it might be fun to see how I did with My cool songs and videos and humor, etc.

So, I had just this past weekend contacted one of the Bouncers about it (before My account was deleted and before talking to Scrapper at all), (The Battle Bouncer Girl), who told Me there was no guarantee of being able to successfully transfer all Of My friends and fans, etc., if I moved completely to just that 'Band' Page. So, I said I would have to think about it. And so she knew I had both Pages up. It was no secret. And I was never once told I could not have both pages at the same time. Never!! And on the Band page there was no mention that people with a personal page couldn't also start-up a band page too. They even say that you have to use a different email  other than your Personal page log-in email in the instructions (or at least they  did say that at one time) which left the impression that they were encouraging musicians already on the site with a Personal page  to start a Band Page, as well. It makes sense. Why wouldn't they encourage that, Right!?

Anywho, Scrapper (A.K.A. The UnCool Creep--: Ryan), said that having both pages plus Me leaving commentaries after voting on the battles like I had done many times, was a strict no-no!! But instead of letting Me know he just deletes My account completely without giving Me an option to just delete one or the other page (which I would've deleted the 'Band' one, because it really wasn't even that important to Me to compete in the Battles). I just thought My unique original songs
would've added much to the 'Battles' to say the very least!!


That Tiny FuckDrip Ryan didn't give a fucking shit about making the 'Battles' more entertaining nor did he want to do anything reasonable at all that would've worked and been a satisfactory outcome for all!! He just was a total asswipe pussy ass tiny little dick about it. Period. I literally begged him to be reasonable and sane and cool and understand that the bouncer girl did NOT say there was any problem with Me keeping both pages open.

But, just because UnCool Creep Ryan didn't like a comment I made on the 'Battles' page (where I asked why My previous comment was deleted//censored); Yep, My Friends and Fans, just because, Scrapper didn't like My comments, then, about an hour after that "censorship" comment I had made to another member in the comments section who was positively responding to My previous post, which was now missing from the page (which has happened way more than just a few times, by the way) (As Scrapper//Ryan censors the fuck out of that Battles Page comments section), (on a regular basis); As I was saying--: About an hour later My page was killed by Scrapper. Period. For no good or sane or logical reason at all. Double Period..

Anyhow, that was his only reason given to Me. And so, My only option was to start from scratch with nothing!! And then when I wouldn't accept that kind of shit treatment non-solution he then blocked Me completely from the site. He has done this with countless other folks for similarly dumb and pointless and shady reasons.

Many of My over 250 friends and 60 to 70 fans, were V.I.P. members. Paying customers, and yet he deleted My account along with their pictures on My page and the bling I had, etc. Everything. Which shows no respect for them, as well. Because, even though I made fun of the whole 'FuBar' so-called 'game' of 'skill' and all, I had a really good ranking and I had a lot of people checking-out My stuff. And it was just gaining even more good steam recently!!
FuBar obviously favors hot looking Women. And They Fuck//Mess with various Male members quite often, if there is something that makes you stand-out in a way that they don't want you to stand out with. Like My anti-censorship comment on the Battle Page just before My account was deleted, etc. And, also, the clear fact that I had just started gaining some extra good steam and buzz, with a 
lot of very good looking Female V.I.P.//Paid members and a lot of equally good looking Female Basic members  checking Me out and becoming Friends and//or Fans, as I have stated, and then Scrapper pulled the rug up from under My feet while Sucker Punching Me in the gut, like the little Pussy Ass Cat Donkey he IS and will ALWAYS be, apparently. He just couldn't handle all of that increasing attention I was getting without Me ever paying even a mere dime on that site. I mean, I seemed to have been even filtered out of the browse members section for the whole time I was there for two months. But yet I still was increasingly becoming more and more popular there.

And that is a "strict no-no" for Jealous Pussy Ass UnCool Creep Scrapper//Ryan, who, obviously, can only pretend to be popular via the fact that he is in charge of that fucked-up site with such a hideous B.B.B. rating!!

There have been countless amounts of people with similar stories posted ONLINE about FuBar's mistreatment of members (both V.I.P. and Basic Members) (and, in most cases, Uncool Creep Scrapper//Ryan, is always the main culprit (i.e. The Usual Suspect//Perp.).

That's enough info for now. Feel free to contact Me at My Skype (Chafey44) or on the regular phone at 206-201-2096, with your similar stories.
Oh, and, yeah, I know they've been very rude to many women on there, as well. But, it seems pretty clear that they DO, (much more often), mess with the dudes on there out of jealous spite. Any dudes that they don't want to get too much attention, etc.

Yours (Bloody!!) Truly,
Chafey Narquois Barbeau
(A.K.A. David)

P.S. Oh, also, in addition to having openly brought-up the fact that I had a Personal and a Band Account to the bouncer (well before UnCool Creep Ryan killed My account) (without talking to Me first), I, was ALSO very openly putting a link on My 'Band' page's mini-profile thingy//status comment, for people to still Friend and Fan Me at My 'Personal' page, for the time being. And I had the 'Band' page completely closed save for a very tiny amount of very close friends. Also, I was using the very same cool picture of My official Mascot for the Band and My close Buddy, Razzly, (My Dog). :) And I was ALSO using the very same performing//stage//writing
name--: Chafey Narquois Barbeau.


So, only a fucking idiot like, UnCool Creep Scrapper//Ryan, could try to make it out like there was something "underhanded" about Me having the two pages, as I had them, for the time being.

What a dumb ass insincere, lyingly conniving idiot he is!! Seriously. Wow.

So, again, It was just being used as a very UPFRONT place holder for the time being.

The 'Band' page was just in a purposeful self-induced limbo by Me until I could figure the best way to move all of My stuff from My 'Personal' page to My then in limbo 'Band' page. But I had already uploaded the links to 19 of My original songs with fun videos accompanying every single one, for when I was ready to start competing in the 'Battle of the Bands'. Which I was NOT competing in ever. As the general public could not get into my 'Band' page and I wasn't yet, accepting, the many NEW Friend Requests for the 'Band' Page, (I emailed a few of them to tell them to go to My 'Personal' page and Friend and//or Fan Me there, as I said in My status thingy for the 'Band' page tooltips mini-profile thingy). So, I was already receiving brand new friend requests for My in limbo 'Band' page despite the fact I had that profile closed to everyone other than a few pre-approved close Friends for that new placeholder
Therefore, no one in the general virtual audience could vote for any songs, until I opened it up (beyond just those very few pre-approved friends) to the general population of members. Again, because, I didn't want to build that 'Band' page up (while neglecting the 'Personal' page where all of My more well-established current Friends and Fans were), until, I knew I was going to transfer over there for sure. So I wasn't trying to gain votes at all until I figured out how to transfer all the friends and fans and points and bling and fake fu-bucks and such *without* losing any of the building steam and//or *without* (in any way) jinxing 
the positive momentum I had achieved via My 'Personal' page!!



My Most Current Replies To The Most Recent Responses To My (Above) Rant//Review//Critique--:

Thanks, Suzi, for your reply. It is very much appreciated. And that 'F' rating I am sure, is an understatement from the B.B.B. As they just didn't have a level below that. But if they did have an even lower mark than 'F' available, I am sure FuBar would have received it!! :o) Anywho, I am very glad you like My music and general creativity and such and I appreciate you coming from FuBar to show your Love here!! It was very cool of you. Thanks!!  :o)

Thanks, Jim, for your provided linkily-linky-link. :o)  I just recently added to a few of the complaint threads on that site for all to peruse and savor!! :o) Thank you once again for the link. That's a very helpful site!!  :o)

And thank, *you*, Tammy, very much, as well. I am hearing all kinds of very true stories like yours, via the phone, email//text, and//or Skype. Stay tuned, Friends and Fans. More and More to come on this and//or countless other issues, etc., etc. And so on. :o)

Your (Bloody!!) Truly,
Chafey Narquois Barbeau